Drones & Good


Today, there are about 22 million men and women who served on active duty in the U.S. Armed Forces. Drones & Good recognizes the honorable sacrifices veterans and their families made for our nation. That is why its mission is dedicated to helping veterans transition to the civilian workforce by training them to become commercial drone pilots.

The program combines theoretical and practical training, giving veterans the skills they need for the jobs of tomorrow in the commercial drone industry.

Drones & Good currently operates in California (USA) and in France, but plans to open new training centers in other U.S. states and countries worldwide.


CALSO is a 501c3 nonprofit organization that aims to break major barriers disadvantaged people face on their journeys to success. Whether these challenges are linked to access to quality education, livable jobs, primary healthcare or affordable housing, CALSO aspires to empower individuals to reach their full potential.


CALSO matches its strengths and capacity to the nation's most pressing social and environmental needs, creating models that promote economic sustainability and long-term positive social impact.



Drones & Good provides vocational training to veterans who are willing to transition to a civilian career in the drone industry. Trainees learn the fundamentals about UAVs (Unmanned Aircraft Vehicle), their regulatory framework, the flight dynamics, the software and technical features, to name a few. They also follow a field-based training to understand safety and weather issues and experience different missions with companies rom various sectors. They eventually learn advanced techniques and maintenance as well as basics about post-flight data processing.


Following the training, Drones & Good provides its trainees with hands-on opportunities in real commercial environment. Veterans get hands-on training so that they can in turn become drone pilots and transition smoothly into the civilian workforce.


In 2016, Drones & Good trained 20 veterans for careers in the commercial drone industry. In 2017, we are opening 3 additional training centers, supporting 60 additional beneficiaries to start careers in the commercial drone industry. 


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CALSO is part of >>INCO, the first global consortium for a new economy, inclusive and sustainable. 


By gathering 9 organizations in 18 countries and working on 4 activities – investment (100 million of euros), incubation (500 start-up supported), training (350 people unemployed trained) and media (5 million of people inspired), >>INCO creates economic opportunities for ALL.